Circles for Logo creation

The circle may well be the perfect shape for designing the logo. Over the years, it has served as the foundation for some of the most iconic works of branding ever crafted. Some of the most powerful and recognized brands in the world use circle in their logos

And it is not just the lone circle that is a successful tool. As a building block, the circle is everywhere. And symbolically, every time you add another to the mix, it allows us to convey a different message. The Olympic rings symbolized the coming together and the unity of nations. 

Consider this, when you’re working with a circle, it’s more than a convenient shape. The symbolic associations with the shape may well be why the shape itself is so appropriate. Can you imagine a more ubiquitous form with more symbolic meaning than a circle? What happens when we take the circle and add volume to it. It’s the same shape, but to the viewer, it has become a sphere that is fully dimensional.

It’s a ball for sports, or a planet or the sun. It represents international or global concerns. It represents the Earth or ecology or linkage between people. It could be as small as a molecule or as large as the universe. Now that’s pretty flexible. 

It can represent eternity, unity, perfection and every kind of cycle from the cycle of life to the cycle of the seasons. A ring expresses the concept of wholeness and completion because it is unbroken. Rings have always carried a mystical, almost magical, quality to them. Whether in rituals or in gatheringindividuals together to celebrate a common bond. And that same hole in the middle of the ring takes on an entirely different significance if it’s a portal.


Occasionally, we need to neatly tie a series of elements together in a single unit. By placing a circular field around these parts, we bring calm to a great deal of visual activity. When a client requests an icon and a name and a tagline and the date of establishment, and well, you get the idea. A crest like device can be a beautiful solution but fitting it into a circle is just one shape that allows us to create an impression that may be reminiscent of an old seal or a stamp that implies heritage for the client.

Finally, the circle may just be a circle. It may just serve as a background or a space for another element to live. It may well lift an image, that is otherwise just an icon or a word, up another level so the consumer reads it as the logo that it is. Now that we’ve considered the universal appeal of the circle, I have no doubt that you will start to see other applications that we haven’t even considered in this article.