Tihomir Selak

Video editor / Motion Graphics / Web Development

Job title :

Video editor / Motion Graphics Artists

Experience :

from 2009

Tool of trade :

Video Editing : Grass Valley Edius, Adobe premiere, Lightworks

3D & Motion Graphics : Adobe After Effects, Blender, Cinema 4D

Graphics : Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Gimp, Inkscape

Web : HTML, CSS, WordPress, Adobe Dreamweaver

DVD authoring : Adobe Encore

Audio Processing: Adobe Audition, Wavelab



Jack of all trades

Been part of broadcast folks from 2009. gaining experience in a marketing agency ” Ypsilon production ” from Osijek dealing with video production , graphic design , web design , market communication and advertising. My workplace provides for the daily operational work on : web design, graphic design, visualization, video production and post-production, 2D and 3D animation, compositing.  I have participated in almost all of the creative process , from conceptual graphics solutions , prepress , web design , video , 3D animation , to design campaigns . I also gained knowledge of marketing and marketing approach to the client . I have also introduced new techniques to the company. During the last half of the year I took , in addition to regular duties, production management part of the company. Ypsilon production in recent years produced three weekly programs for local Croatian television , in whose preparation and realization i participated : Putomanija ( travelogues ), Good stories ( news program ), ESSEKERI (Documentary about the famous people of Osijek ). During the many years of dealing with video I made hundreds of hours of finished product.

Started Motionbump blog as a way to raise my profile and to challenge myself so i can evolve professionally.



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