Use Royalty Stock footage for free

A good video intro not only draws attention but also gives the right impression to prospective clients. Stock footage can improve the look of your video, or provide you access to scenes you could never shoot on your own. There are a lot of stock footage web sites. Some even offer free clips for download! All of the will give away videos for preview purposes, so if you could use them it would be great. There is a catch they are not of great quality and they have a watermark. But even with low quality they can still be useful in some cases. I used them for commercials as background. In this quick tip, I am going to show you how you can easily get rid of the watermark. Here is the the example, a preview video taken from pond5 website, a really good website that even gives free footage once a week.


You can see a watermark in the middle. To remove it just put some blur on it ( Effects/Blur & sharpen/Gaussian Blur). Under blur dimensions keep horizontal and vertical, and under blurriness put high value, I put 39.


And as you can see watermark is gone. Maybe it is not magic but you can use it. Hope this helped and if you want to know where you can download stock footage for free, I would recommend reading Free stock footage resource article .